This page lists the rules of the Vargchat, please read them and make yourself familiar to them before using chat, for everyone's best experience. Thank you!

  1. Be respectful Be chill and don't start fights, treat everyone with respect. The moderators are only doing their job.
  2. Don't spam Obnoxious spam like ASCII art or copypastas are not tolerated. No "panic", "RIP" and "press F" spam if the stream goes down. No long multi-emote chains, either.
  3. Avoid sensitive topics Use common sense. Avoid talking about sensitive subjects like politics and whatever else would cause arguments and hostility in the chat.
  4. No spoilers or backseating If I request that there's no spoilers posted during a game, please follow this rule and don't try to ruin the game for me and the other viewers.
  5. No Announcing If another streamer goes live, be polite and don't announce it in chat.
  6. No NSFW Links to gore, pornography, hentai and such are NOT welcome in ANY context. Keep it to yourself. Refrain from posting sex toys and anything similar.
  7. No backseat modding If you need help, mention them or whisper them with your request. If you believe they made a mistake, e-mail me. Be honest, it comes a long way.

If you were sent here by a moderator because you asked why you were banned, but still feel that you were unfairly banned, send Joel an email explaining the situation and the reason to why you were banned. You can find Joel's contact information here.