Disclaimer: This FAQ is written by the moderators of chat. None of this is official from Joel, but rather what we've collected from during our time with him.

Q: When's Joel streaming? A: http://vargskelethor.me/ Q: Where is this "Vineyard"/"Movies"? A: Google it or whisper one of the mods and ask for a link. Please note: It is NOT permitted to post the link to the yard in chat. Doing so will result in a permanent ban. Q: When's the next Destruction Stream? (or anything having to do with them, really). A: (Applying to Windows Destruction) These are a rare thing. The few times that Joel has done these, it was for a special occasion. He'll announce it when a Destruction Stream will happen on his twitter. Our biggest guess would be on the next annual Vinesauce Charitystream. Q: Any rules for chat? A: Basically, use common sense. Here are the rules for Joel's chat, read those to get a hint on how we do things around here. Q: Why didn't Joel answer my message in chat? A: He can't check chat very often, and since it's moving fast and he is streaming a game, a lot of messages go by unread. If your message is urgent, or needs reply, ask one of the mods to get his attention, or email him. Q: Can Joel play [insert game title here]? A: He might! Send him an email, or ask one of the mods to propose it to him! You can find his contact information here.