Disclaimer: This FAQ is written by the moderators of chat. None of this is official from Joel, but rather what we've collected from during our time with him.

Q: When is he playing more Undertale? or anything relating to Undertale. A: The only thing we know is that he won't play it on weekends. What you can do to get answers is to follow Joel on twitter and hope he'll announce anything. Q: How old is Joel? A: Joel is 24 years old. Q: When's Joel streaming? A: http://vargskelethor.me/ Q: Where is this "Vineyard"/"Movies"? A: Google it or whisper one of the mods and ask for a link. Please note: It is NOT permitted to post the link to the yard in chat. Doing so will result in a permanent ban. Q: When's the next Destruction Stream? (or anything having to do with them, really). A: (Applying to Windows Destruction) These are a rare thing. The few times that Joel has done these, it was for a special occasion. He'll announce it when a Destruction Stream will happen on his twitter. Our biggest guess would be on the next annual Vinesauce Charitystream (2016). Q: Any rules for chat? A: Basically, use common sense. Here are the rules for Joel's chat and the Vinesauce general rules, read those to get a hint on how we do things around here. Q: Why didn't Joel answer my message in chat? A: He can't check chat very often, and since it's moving fast and he is streaming a game, a lot of messages go by unread. If your message is urgent, or needs reply, ask one of the mods to get his attention, or email him. Q: Can Joel play [insert game title here]? A: He might! Send him an email, or ask one of the mods to propose it to him! You can find his contact information here.